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Kabbalah Accommodates

By Anthony Mallgren, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Essays 2017

MyLife Essay Contest 2017 Man seems generally contrary man. Written records signal declining age; representative government incorporated contrarianism; etymology seemingly changed. Incentives seemingly encourage opposition; publication seems imposing; persons seem generally disagreeable. Shabbat provides reactive amerlioration; such a reliant approach may waste. Kosher certification accomodates more reliable preparation; populous, currency and distribution seems contrare. Leaving

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Retroactive Healing: It’s in Our D.N.A.

By Nechama Dina Zwiebel, Kingston, Pennsylvania

Essays 2017 / Finalists

MyLife Essay Contest 2018 Contemporary Issue: Challenges and Healing in all relationships “Been there, done THAT!” “I wish I could go back to before that happened!” “If only I could do it all over again!” “I wish we could still be friends.” “I wish that never happened…!” This is wishful thinking, but not reality –

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