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Tanya Applied

A journey into the deepest teachings of Torah and their application to our lives
The Tanya, a brilliant book of moral advice and spiritual guidance, has been studied, pored over and analyzed for the last two centuries, and yet still remains quite esoteric and inaccessible for many. Now, for the first time, Rabbi Jacobson will decipher and open up the powerful and transformative teachings of Tanya to scholar and lay people alike in a new weekly radio show MyLife: Tanya Applied.

Ayin Beis

What is my individual role in the global purpose of existence?
Hemshech Ayin Beis, written and delivered by the Rebbe Rashab, is the longest, deepest and one of the most magnificent mystical discourses, addressing the search for an interface between our selfish egos and the selfless Divine. Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he discovers and uncovers the profound mystical teachings and fundamental innovations of “Ayin Beis” and their vital relevance to our lives today.

Live Events and Farbrengens

Celebrate and commemorate chassidishe yomim tovim and special events.
For over 14 years, Rabbi Jacobson had the privilege of working in close association to the Rebbe as a chozzer, memorizing and publishing farbrengens. Today, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with the world at large. His voice is rooted in the timeless teachings of Torah, yet at the same time is profoundly timely and relevant.

Samech Vav

Why are we here? What is the purpose of our tangible, material existence?
Hemshech Samech Vov, written and delivered by the Rebbe Rashab, is considered to be the most fundamental work ever composed; laying out in comprehensive detail the dynamics of existence and presenting us with a psycho-spiritual blueprint on life. Rabbi Jacobson dissects some of the major themes addressed in Samech vov, with particular focus on its relevance to our lives today.

Yud Shevat

Does Chassidus have the answers to my personal dilemmas? Where is Chassidus when I need it most?
Resources for Yud Shevat: Celebrating the Rebbe’s leadership and his revolutionary principles that will transform your life and the world. Learn how to take the teaching’s of the Rebbe – letters, sichos and maamarim – and make them accessible and practical to your every day life.

Tzaddik Dalet

What is real? Is something real because you can touch and see it? Or is that simply a circumstantial reality, which has no validity outside of the world of our senses.
Hemshech Tzaddik-Dalet dissects the very nature of existence, indeed, the very nature of reality itself. It’s central and most remarkable theme is that existence as we see and experience it is not real at all.