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Simon Jacobson
Founder & Dean

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is the author of Toward a Meaningful Life (William Morrow, 2002), founder of The Meaningful Life Center (meaningfullife.com) and publisher of the Yiddish English weekly, The Algemeiner Journal (algemeiner.com). Rabbi Jacobson has deeply impacted diverse audiences in all continents with his keen insights into the human condition, applying Torah thought to contemporary life.


Gani Goodman
Director of Operations

Since 2011, Gani Goodman has brought a visionary’s dreams into reality. Gani manages all of MLC’s projects and collaborations, whether it be launching a new mobile app or publishing MLC’s latest book. Gani has a B.C. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Ithaca College. After working in corporate advertising for many years, she was more than happy to transition to promoting something far more inspirational – a Meaningful Life!


Leah Simon
Administrative Assistant

Leah is the online shop administrator for the Meaningful Life Center. Originally from the UK, Leah has brought her extensive experience in Accounting, Quickbooks and Non Profit Management to the MLC team since July 2015. Her strong work ethic, efficiency and good communication skills are infused in all her work.


Velvel Farkash
Office Manager

Velvel Farkash is the Meaningful Life Center’s Office Manager. He is the friendly voice on the phone when you call the MLC office, and is in charge of book sales and fulfillment. He enjoys meeting and interacting with new and old members of the MLC community.


Avital White
Communications Associate

Avital White is the Communications Associate for the Meaningful Life Center. Originally from California, she received a BA in Jewish Studies from the University of California, SC. With excitement she joined the MLC team in 2018. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and children.


Elyahu Shechter
Director of Technology

Elyahu Shechter is the Meaningful Life Center’s Director of Technology. He has been working as a computer professional for more than 15 years. When Elyahu is not at his computer desk, you are likely to find him milking his goats, or being followed by a friendly flock of clucking hens in the Holy Land. He plans to change the future of farming, as well as raise goats as sacrifices for the coming Third Temple.


Chaya Kurtz
Web Editor

Chaya Kurtz is the Web Editor at The Meaningful Life Center, as well as the Social Media Manager. Prior to joining The Meaningful Life Center in 2013, Chaya was the Content Manager at Networx.com and Hometalk.com. Chaya also previously worked as an editor at the global ad firm Digitas. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2004.


Batsheva Lubin
Senior Graphic Designer

Batsheva joined the Meaningful Life Center in 2003 with a background in publishing and print design. At work, Batsheva brings together her talent, passion and skills to create work that delights the eye, engages the mind, and rewards the viewer’s interest. Batsheva holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She lives in Boston with her husband and 4 children.