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Praise for MyLife: Chassidus Applied

Does Chassidus have the answers to my personal dilemmas? According to these testimonials, applying Chassidus can truly change our lives!

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I just wanted to thank you.  Your work is so very inspiring. The approach you take is so pragmatic, relevant and in-tune with the needs of our times.

I want to particularly thank you for the essay competition.

The energy which it generated in our seminary was phenomenal. You could feel the revel and excitement of the project reverberating throughout.

For for personally, it was a huge breath of fresh air, perhaps the highlight of my year. Although I’ve been surrounded by chassidus, taught by some incredible teachers, the learning still lacked depth and meaning, this chassidus essay touched me in an entirely new way.

In the process of researching and writing, I discovered a new dimension to myself, I was uplifted and felt deeply connected. It penetrated my entire emotionally and intellectually.

Essay Contest

Too many rabbis give a performance. Not so SJ, he’s genuine, modest and respectful.

This made my jaw drop! We do so many things without understanding clearly what we are doing but when it is explained simply yet adequately like you just did it becomes easier to adhere to. Thank you so much!

I appreciate your dedication to modern Issues plaguing our society!

It was an amazing experience to meet with you in person after listing to many classes online. Thanks for all you do for the community and for so many souls who don’t know how to find their destination. When I listen to your classes I get inspired to live a better life.

In my humble opinion this program is G-d sent. It is the single most important voice today expressing the Rebbe’s position and approach on the issues of our times. It has deeply impacted my life and many of my friends lives. Thank you Rabbi Jacobson for your lucid explanations and for your courage to tackle real and practical issues. Looking forward to the next video.

My Life Episodes

I really feel that in today’s world the MyLife classes are greatly enhancing torah learning and doing of mitzvoth. This kind of broadcast helps us integrate not only yiddishkiet but the world around us. In short, it puts a lot of things in perspective. Thanks for your time and please continue. We need a chassid, a voice of sanity in an insane world.

My Life Episodes

Thank you so much for the inspiring and innovative work that you are doing, especially for initiating and organizing the MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Content, which has impacted me (and so many others!). Pouring over Chassidic texts and applying the messages to contemporary life issues has been empowering. This was one of the most educational and transformative experiences I’ve had, where I found myself and my behavior impacted deeply. Over the weeks that I worked on my essay, I even found myself dreaming about Chassidus. Baruch Hashem, it was an amazing honor and treat to win the contest this year. I am extremely grateful for the very generous gift given to me by MLC. Bringing our children to the Rebbe’s Ohel, 770, and to see their many cousins is a dream we’ve had since we moved to Eretz Yisroel almost 9 years ago; thanks to this generous gift, our dream will IY’H become a reality.

MyLife Contest

Just wanted to say thank you for a very down-to-earth, level-headed and inspiring farbrengen on Yud Tes Kislev. You were on the mark the entire night and it was nice to hear our “Mission Statement” explained so simply and yet so poignantly. Definitely walked away with a lot of food for thought.


One hour full of Chassidus, intriguing, informative, eye-opening — just amazing!

As you say, “Words from the heart, enter the heart.” At this, you are a master.

Amen! Beautifully said! Very blessed to have you all and all you do!

Your shared wisdom is a source of learning and spiritual practical help to many people.

Many Thanks for the wondrous gifts you offer. Gratitude…much gratitude is becoming and blossoming through your generosity and care for us, guiding and leading us beyond the self, towards meaning faith and joyous service!

It has been about 2 years now that I am listening to MyLife Chassidus videos. I want you to know that you continue to strike a very relevant chord with me. The stories and discourses are becoming implanted in me. They speak to my heart in a very deep way. Thank you for touching our souls. Don’t stop ever.

My Life Episodes

The topic I wrote about was something that had been bothering me for many years, and I had just recently found an answer in Jewish texts that was transformative. I’m especially thankful for an opportunity to share my writings, so that perhaps the results of my struggles could help others who experience similar struggles.

MyLife Contest

This essay writing contest was a catalyst for so much growth and creative action. I have heard that the Rebbe said that there are three ways a person can impact the world; through speech, through writing and through money.
I believe this contest achieved all three. Rabbi Jacobson weekly class being the speech that inspired so many people, the creation and publishing of these essays representing the writing, and of course the incentive of the money that served a very useful purpose motivating the animal soul inside of all of us that sometimes needs a little push. Thank you!

MyLife Contest

Thank you so much for once again speaking at our Crown Heights Shabbaton for YU. The students not only enjoyed farbrening with you, but they also left inspired, uplifted and empowered.


Oh.. God has heard my prayer! I am so appreciative for the Ayin Beis classes. They are the link connecting a simple Jew to Chabad’s wisdom. You’ve saved my soul so many times!


Do yourself a favor and listen to these programs.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your compassion and your love week after week, transmitting the knowledge of chassidic thoughts to us. Thank you for giving me hope and reassurance and a true sense of meaning.

I am a huge fan of your work. It keeps me sane in an insane world!

Since I started watching your videos, my life has changed. Slowly slowly, I got interested in chassidishkeit again. In the past, I would never listen to an hour shiur, but now I find myself waiting all week for your class. And now I can proudly say that the Rebbe is proud of me. I still have a long way to go, but I’m so inspired to grow. Thank you.

My Life Episodes

I’m not sure how the Chassidus Applied Essay was born or who thought of the idea, but it’s a truly genius and revolutionary one— one that is exactly right up the alley of what Chassidus is all about. It’s nice to learn about things theoretically, but the truth is that no one ever changed their life or was helped through a challenge by a concept that stayed in the theoretical realm. Chassidus is meant to change us, and the only way it will change us is if we let it into the deepest parts of ourselves— thereby surging us with empowerment to better ourselves and to serve as a beacon of light and support for those around us. I really appreciated the opportunity to be able to take that which I’d learned, and apply it to real life challenges.

MyLife Contest

My entire family listened to your Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen together, and we were all deeply inspired and motivated to act… as soldiers in the Rebbe’s army. I seldom have heard such a well knitted speech. It was seamless and enabled me to learn more and held my attention effortlessly. I am so glad that we have such intelligent men among us who actually use their gifts as directed by Hashem. Thank you Rabbi Jacobson for expressing so eloquently the stories of our dear and holy Rebbe.


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