Yud Shevat Farbrengen with Rabbi Simon Jacobson: Becoming a Channel

Yud Shevat Farbrengen – 5781 Becoming a Channel with Rabbi Simon Jacobson


1. Asher Nikolaiever’s Niggun
2. How Chassidus Transforms the Ordinary into the Extraordinary
3. My Work in Absorbing and Publishing the Rebbe’s Words
4. Blunt Answers I Received from the Rebbe
5. The Role of the Rebbe in Our Lives: Our Great Blessing of Knowing Our Mission in Life
6. Being Part of the Seventh Generation
7. How to Retain Hours of Talks
8. The Secret to Communication: Learn How to Listen
9. Lessons in Life: Developing Sensitivity; Get Yourself Out of the Way
10. Do You Know How to Listen to Your Children? Experience their Feelings?
11. How to Educate Your Children
12. What Can We Do to Bring Moshiach
13. Changing the World