2020 Winners | MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay and Creative Contest



1. First Place, $10,000 winner: Miriam Goldberg, Teacher, MMSC Day School. Home city: Seattle, WA. Age 24. Topic: The Grass is Greenest on Your Side

2. Second Place, $3,600 winner: Shaina Slavin, Shlucha, Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem. Home city: Sydney, Australia. Age 20. Topic: A Time to Heal

3. Third Place, $1,000 winner: Shraga Crombie, Shliach, Chabad House at Rutgers University. Hometown: Edison, NJ. Age 38. Topic: The Alter Rebbe’s Brilliant Solution to the Addict’s Dilemma

4. Student Winner, $500: Lily Richman, Student at Machon Alte Seminary. Hometown: Twinsburg, Ohio. Age 24. Topic: Seeing the Future

Other Finalists:

5. Anonymous, Student Beis Chana – Tzfas Seminary St.. Age 19. Topic: The Super Human Unmasked

6. Liba Rimler, Teacher, Cheder Chabad of Monsey. Home town: Pomona, NY. Age 21. Topic: Weaning Our Children Off Extrinsic Motivation

7. Moshe Miller, Writing, translating, teaching, guiding. Self-employed. Home town: Chicago, IL. Age 65. Topic: Window for Words

8. Aidel Cohen, Tzivos Hashem, Writer and Editor. Home town: Brooklyn, NY. Age 25. Topic: Unconditional Trust

9. Koby Berkovits, Student, Kesser Torah College, Sydney. Home town: Sydney, Australia. Age 18. Topic: Complacency- And how to be Dissatisfied with It

10. Chaya Rivkin, Student, Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim. Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana. Age 19. Topic: Judaism: Irrelevant Micromanagement

11. Rivka Cohen, Bais Chana Women International. Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel. Age 24. Topic: The Lamplighter

12. Mushka Cohen, Student, Beth Rivkah Montreal. Home town: Montreal, Canada. Age 16. Topic: “They didn’t change their names, their language or their dress” – Staying strong to who we are despite our surroundings

13. Chaya Miriam (Cynthia) Moline, QEP – Technical Copywriter. Home town: Jupiter, Florida. Topic: Getting In Shape – For the Final Redemption!

14. Michoel Moshel, Psychology Student . Dover Heights, Australia. Age 25. Topic: The BT Approach: Ways to move past barriers to growth

15. Yehuda Shmotkin, Shliach, Chabad of Hamilton Heights and City College.  Home town: New York, New York. Age 35. Topic: The power of Imagery

16. Sara Friedman, Student, Yeshiva Schools Pittsburgh. Home town: Pittsburgh, PA. Age 18. Topic: First, Love Yourself

17. Countess Rivka Elkaim, Home town: Bal Harbour, FL. Age 68. Topic: A Journey from Fear and Suffering  to Control and Serenity

18. Chani Segelman, Shlucha, Machon Alte Seminary. Home town: Los Angeles, California. Age 19. Topic: STOP THE TRAIN!!!

19. Tzivia Greenbaum, Student, Beis Chana – Tzfas Seminary. Home town: Hampton East, Australia. Age 19. Topic: But Why?

20. Sara Soble, Mommy, Relationship Coach. Home town: Brooklyn, New York. Age 34. Topic: Marriage Demystified by the Mystics

21. Yael Kane, Bnos Chomesh Academy, Music Teacher. New York. Age 27. Topic: Music, Bitachon, and Mental Health

22. Mallory Rosten. Student, Mayanot Woman. Home town: Alpharetta, GA. Age 23. Topic: Peeling Away the Mask: The Chassidic Guide to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

23. Aliza Leiner, Home town: London,UK. Age 26. Topic: You Are Stronger Than You Think

24. Rena Pinson, Student, Beis Chana – Tzfas Seminary. Home town: Los Angeles, CA. Age 19. Topic: Elevated Sleep

25. Aharon Zev Moshel. Student, Kfar Chabad. Home town: Melbourne, Australia. Age 19. Topic: Purposeful Living

26. Shoshana Gottlieb, Kings Cross Clinic, Receptionist. Home town: Sydney, Australia.  Age 25. Topc: Loving the World Like We Love Ourselves

27. Mushky Ezagui, Bnos Chabad of Monsey. Home town: Montreal, Canada. Age 23. Topic: Tapping into our True Selves

28. Chaya Mushka Stern, Hebrew Teacher. Home town: Brooklyn, NY. Age 25. Topic: Loneliness

29. Mushka Feldman, Shlucha in Machon Alte Seminary. Home town:  Brooklyn, New York. Age 19. Topic: Accept or Expect? Can We Do Both?

30. Yosef Yitzchak Bank, Student, Mayanot Men. Home town: Johannesburg, South Africa. Age 23. Topic: How can I feel connected to Hashem at all times?

31. Sarala Weinstein, Student, MBCM Monsey High. Home town: Spring Valley, New York. Topic: The Passionate Life – Adding Vitality and Joy into Your Every Day

32. Chani Herzog, Teacher at Lubavitch Senior Girls school London. Home town: London, England. Age 21. Topic: “Just Not Feeling It”

33. Kesem Mia Hetsrony, Chabad Shlucha, CGI Director, Children’s Author. Home town: Houston, Texas. Age 32. Topic: Control Within The Chaos

34. Shmuli Hecht, Student, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto. Home town: Sunnyvale, California. Age 19. Topic: In Other Words: An Exploration into the Meaning of Prayer and the Purpose of Words



1. First Place: $1,000 winner. Chaim Bell. Teacher, Leeds Morah School. Home town: Leeds, United Kingdom.  Age 63. Topic: The Return of the Exiled Prince (Script)

Other Finalists:

2. Sara Blau. Extra Curricular Director of Beis Rivkah. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY. Age 31. Topic: Soaring Free (mixed media with text and visual). 

 3. Esty Stern. Home town: Brooklyn, NY. Age 28. Topic: Just a Leaf (lyrics and music)

4. Ruth Bell. Shlucha, Artist, Jewish Heritage Center Coordinator. Home town: Leeds, United Kingdom. Age 64. Unifying Force: The Power of Giving (hand woven tapestry). 

5. Nechoma Dina Rosenberg, Teacher’s Assistant. Home town: Brooklyn, New York. Age 20. Topic: Mind Control – Controlling our Thoughts According to Chassidus (Video and Music)

6. Sarah Mochkin. Village Community School, School Administration. Home town: Brooklyn, New York. Age 28. Topic: Aleph; Elevating 2D to 3D (sculpture)

7. Moshe Gordon, Student, Tomchei Temimim, Morristown. Home town: Brooklyn, NY. Age 19. Topic: Me’odecha: A Niggun (music)

8. Rivka Goldenberg, Student, Beis Chana – Tzfas Seminary. Home town: Lawrenceville, NJ. Age 19. A Tale of Gold and Dirt (poetry).

9. Yehudis Fishman, Self Employed -Community Educator. Home town: Boulder, CO. Age: 76. Topic: The Edges of Illusion (poetry)

10. Anthony Bensusan. Home town: London, UK. Age 63. Topic: Torah Map (maps)

11. Yosef Kaufmann. Sofer. Home town: Johannesburg, South Africa. Age 27. Topic: My Garden (poetry)

12. Rivky Taichman. Shlucha at Machon Alte Tzfat. Hometown: Crown Heights, BK. Age 20. Topic: Infusion (painting)

13. Sholom Cohen. Carnegie Mellon University – Principal Engineer. Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA. Age 69. Topic: Ketores of Kedoshim (poetry)

14. Fraida Raskin. Student, Beth Rivkah Ladies’ College. Home town: East Bentleigh, Australia. Age 18. Topic: The world around us through the lens of Chassidus (mixed media with text and visual)