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Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson
New York, USA

Rabbi Jacobson is one of America’s premier Jewish scholars in the areas of mysticism and Torah. A warm and motivational speaker, he has lectured on Chassidic teachings to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences in six continents and twenty states and published scores of articles on Jewish thought. Rabbi Jacobson served as a member of a select team that prepared the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s addresses for publication. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Yiddish-English weekly, the Algemeiner Journal.

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Rabbi Shais Taub
New York, USA

Rabbi Shais Taub is a highly sought after speaker, bestselling author, and popular columnist. He has delivered lectures and classes on six continents, writes a weekly advice column in Ami Magazine, and is the author of the book G-d of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction, which was praised by Publishers Weekly as “a singular resource for those in need.” National Public Radio referred to him as “an expert in Jewish mysticism and the 12 Steps” and the New York Times called him “a phenomenon.” He has developed several groundbreaking works on Tanya including: the Tanya Map teaching tool, the JLI Soul Maps curriculum, and the audio series Mapping the Tanya. His speeches and classes may be viewed on the website He currently serves as scholar-in-residence at Chabad of the Five Towns in Cedarhurst, NY.

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Dr. Shimon Cowen

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen is an Australian rabbi and academic with a dual background in secular and religious studies. He is known for his research on, and advocacy for, the Noahide Laws. He established the Institute for Judaism and Civilization as its founding Director.

Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Klatzkin copy

Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Klatzkin
Ohio, USA

Dr. Shmuel Klatzkin is the Associate Rabbi of Chabad of Greater Dayton, Ohio, an adjunct Professor at Antioch University and Senior Editor of Curriculum at JLI. Dr. Klatzkin pursued a doctorate in medieval Jewish philosophy from Brandeis University. Dr. Klatzkin has translated and edited DVDs of talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe for Jewish Educational Media, and was a contributing editor to Wellsprings, a journal of Chassidic thought. He has been a featured speaker from coast to coast in the US and Canada and in the UK and Ireland and is also a Visiting Rabbi for OK Kosher Certification.

Rabbi Osher Farkash copy

Rabbi Osher Farkash
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rabbi Osher Farkash is the Mashpia of Yeshivas Lubavitch Buenos Aires in Argentina. Through his dedication and loyalty to his students, he has deeply impacted the lives of so many.

Dr Yaakov Brawer copy

Dr Yaakov Brawer
New York, USA

Yaakov Brawer, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. He is one of the directors of the basic science component of the medical curriculum. His educational activities have included teaching neuroanatomy and reproductive endocrinology to medical/dental students, as well as to students of physical and occupational therapy and to science undergraduates and graduate students. He is also the author of two books on Chassidic philosophy, Something From Nothing and Eyes That See.

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok Chakiris copy

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok Chakiris
New York, USA

Rabbi Yitzchok Chakiris is a behavioral scientist. He is very involved with the Lamplighters Yeshiva, and an expert on Montessori learning and classroom development.

Rabbi Dovid Olidort copy

Rabbi Dovid Olidort
New York, USA

Rabbi Dovid Olidort is the senior editor at the Kehot Publication Society, and the Hebrew editor of the Map of Tanya.