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Ep. 363: Will Unconditional Love Reverse the Damage Done by Baseless Hate?...

  • Chassidus applied to Tisha B’Av
    • What does it mean that Moshiach is born on this day?
    • Why is this day considered sad if its purpose is to bring a greater elevation?
    • Since the Shechina is also in Golus why doesn’t G-d bring the geulah for His own sake?
    • Who was Kamtza and Bar Kamtza?
    • Will unconditional love reverse the damage done by baseless hate?
    • Why can’t we commission builders to co...

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Essays 2020 / Finalists

A Journey from Fear and Suffering to Control and Serenity

In this essay, we will explore OCD, first from a medical vantage point and then as illuminated by the teachings of Chassidus, specifically the Tanya a.

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Countess Rivka Elkaim

Creative 2020 / Finalists

Tefillah to the Heavens

What happens when we are stuck in the mud– when Hashem has stuck us into a rough situation? How do we change the ‘muddy‘ decrees or.

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Tanni Cohen

Essays 2020 / Finalists

Tapping into our True Selves

We tend to be really hard on ourselves. Low self-esteem is a major challenge in this day and age, across the board. This essay will be about getting .

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Mushky Ezagui

Essays 2020 / Finalists

The Power of Imagery

Yetzias Mitzrayim in Chasidus means to leave our own personal Meitzar and Gvul. Leave our boxes. Get out of our comfort zones and enter a space of Mer.

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Yehuda Shmotkin

Creative 2020 / Finalists

The Anatomy According to Chassidus

Just as the water is the same coming at the top of the fountain and at the bottom so to Torah is Hashem’s essence and it is the same in the upper wo.

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Chaya Youngworth

Essays 2020 / Finalists

The BT Approach: Ways to Move Past Barriers to Growth

Embedded within Chassidus are essential tools in dealing with resistance and struggles faced when striving personal growth. Broadly speaking, those lo.

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Michoel Moshel


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