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How Can I View The MyLife Broadcast Archives?

You can view the entire archived collection of MyLife broadcasts by visiting here.

Where Can I See The Timestamps For The Specific Topics Discussed?

Timestamps can be found in the descriptions of each broadcast page. You can also find them by visiting and subscribing to our YouTube channel and quickly jump to the specific topic in an episode.

How Can I Access The MP3 Recordings Of The Broadcast?

If you create a FREE account on our website, you will receive FREE mp3 downloads to all the MyLife Broadcast archives to listen to at your convenience. Sign up now.
Additionally, you can stream the Podcast on iTunes and other podcast services. Simply search for “mylife Chassidus applied” or “Rabbi Jacobson”.



Are My Questions Really Anonymous?

Yes! You submit your question without putting in your email address or name.

When Will My Question Be Addressed/Answered?

Every single question that comes in is taken seriously and filed to be addressed by Rabbi Jacobson as soon as possible. Yet, due to the vast number of questions that are submitted weekly, your question may not be answered immediately.  In addition, your question may have been addressed in previous episodes. You can search the archives by topic here.

Can I Set Up A Private Meeting With Rabbi Jacobson?

Yes! If you have a personal issue that you need guidance for, a personal appointment with Rabbi Jacobson is available for a fee. Please contact us for more info.



How Can I Submit An Essay For The MyLife Essay Contest?

It is never too early to start working on applying Chassidus to your life, but the contest is currently closed for this year. Stay tuned for next year’s contest coming in 2020!

Where Can I Read All The Past Essays Submitted?

You can view the entire archived collection of all contestant’s essays by visiting here.

Who Are The Judges?

Every year we have a panel of esteemed Rabbis and educators have a vast knowledge of chassidus and are qualified to judge the essays. You can see this year’s judges by clicking here.

Is My Essay Anonymous?

You are required to submit your info along with your essay, but when the judges are reading through them they are strictly anonymous. The judges have no way of knowing whose essay they are reading until the completion of the contest when the marking is done. However, the essays will then be published online under the author’s name.