The Anatomy According to Chassidus

Chaya Youngworth
Creative 2020 / Finalists

Brief explanation of the drawing: At the top of the drawing, we have a verse, which means: “water going down from a high place to a low place.”  This is a reference to the Torah brought by the Alter Rebbe in the fourth Chapter of the Tanya. Just as the water is the same coming at the top of the fountain and at the bottom so to Torah is Hashem’s essence and it is the same in the upper worlds and in the lower worlds, it does not go through the process of Seder Histalshelus.

A person learns Torah using his brain and comprehends it using Chochmah, Binah and Daas.

  • Chochmah is just the flash of an idea and is therefore represented by a branch with only a few leaves.
  • Binah is when a person begins to properly understand the idea and a tree with many leaves therefore represents it.
  • Daas is when the idea becomes internalized. A tree with fruits therefore represents it by.

When one properly internalizes the Greatness of Hashem, this leads to love and fear of Hashem in his heart.

The human possess 10 powers, three are intellectual (Chochmah, Binah, Daat) these are represented in the brain and seven are emotional these are under the heart.

When channelled properly the intellect gives birth to the emotions. One contemplates on the greatness of Hashem. This leads to feelings of Ahavas and Yiras Hashem (love and fear of G-d) in the G-dly soul in the right of the heart that then spills over to the animal soul in the left part of the heart.
After this is achieved, the G-dly soul wins over the animal soul and over the body, which is also known as the small city the small city.

{This drawing is based on Chapters 1-12 of Tanya}