Online Class and Q&A Addressing Today’s Challenges, 9th & 10th Grades

Presented by Rabbi Simon Jacobson for Beth Rivkah High School 9th and 10th Grades

How should we be reacting to the Coronavirus crisis? What leadership role should be taking in these trying times? What would the Rebbe expect of us?

Questions and Answers:
1. Is it okay to be angry at Hashem?
2. What if after all this Moshiach doesn’t come?
3. What will the world actually be like when Moshiach comes? Will we be living our lives like regular? And also what will be our purpose when Moshiach comes because now we have the purpose of bringing it?
4. What exactly will be once Moshiach comes? Yes we all wait and are excited but as a good, normal girl who always dreams of her wedding day will it still be as exciting and will we want it as much once Moshiach comes?
5. If I will never understand Moshiach and Hashem until Moshiach comes, why is the answer always to learn about Moshiach? (if we are not bound to machshava)?
6. I want Moshiach to come and the same time, I am terrified. Of course, I want the bad in the world to end, but what time of life is a perfect life? And living forever scares me so much!!
7. At this time of quarentine and also just in general when we are with the same people (ie. our family). How are we supposed to react when our parents and siblings make us frustrated?
8. How do you come to a point to let chasidus really affect your life?
9. If the Torah was given by Har Sinai then could the Yidden have looked into the Torah to see the future? And also (this is a question about free choice): Why would
Hashem be upset if everything was planned out and written in the Torah for example when Moshe hit the rock?
10. What is the point of being tznius’dik?
11. Why Is it that some of us think we Jews are different as a nation, we all think of ourselves different from among ourselves? When really we’re one nation, the only difference is our religion and other religions?
12. Do bad things happen as a result of our wrongdoings? For example if I lost something is it because I let’s say didn’t daven that day or missed a Chitas etc.?
13. How do we have the proper and right reaction in such a hard situation?