Hei Teves: My Soul Is Inscribed in These Words

My Soul is Inscribed in These Words
Celebrating Eternity: Hei Teves Farbrengen with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
5 Teves 5777, January 2, 2017

1. Didan Notzach: What is the significance of Hei Teves and its relevance to our lives today? The eternity of the Rebbe and Chassidus 3:18
2. Hei Teves, Rosh Chodesh Kislev and Gimmel Tammuz: A fascinating Zohar cited by the Rebbe 44:08
3. Hei Teves in verse: Ezekiel 33:21: There is a prophet among you. From the darkness comes the greatest light 1:21:53
4. Appreciating a Rebbe through learning about bittul and eternity in Chassidus. The objective of Chassidus to fulfill the purpose of existence: To transform the mortal into the immortal 1:48:58
5. Four levels of eternity: Spirituality; Divine containers; Divine energies; Divine source 2:04:31
6. Eternal life 2:31:58
7. Eternal containers: The Rebbe’s Maharash’s chiddush that the tzimtzum did not affect the letters of the reshimu, and the Kopuster’s issue with this 2:53:13
8. End of birurim: The containers have been refined 3:12:45
9. A Rebbe never leaves. Where are the revolutionary bochurim? 3:25:04
10. “The Rebbe is among us and with us and works through us” — what is the difference between these expressions? 3:44:57
11. Slogans and pnimius. Conquering the world with Moshiach. The Rebbe and the Algemeiner. Unity will lead us to Moshiach 4:10:12
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