Hei Teves Farbrengen: Bringing Chassidus Alive

1. What did Chassidus contribute?

*How Asher Nikoleiver’s nigun demonstrates the way Chassidus transformed life
*Revealing the inner pnimius; the flowers. Looking deeper: seeing the extraordinary within the ordinary
*The pnimius of Hei Teves: Learning and living Torah
*Ahavas Yisroel will bring the geulah
*The art of communication even with those we disagree with
*Hei Teves teaches us that the Rebbe lives on
*A Rebbe is Elokus. When there is a concealment on Elokus, there is concealment on the Rebbe
*We are the Rebbe’s mouthpiece, arms and legs; we control the destiny of the Rebbe

2. The humility of victory

*Pnimius’dike celebration
*Eternity of the Rebbe: Story told by the Frierdiker Rebbe in his first maamar
*Vayikra 5747; Purim 5747 — a few months following Hei Teves 5747: putting the puzzle together: Bringing the Geulah is dependent on us
*The Rebbe’s revolution is implemented by the young generation

3. Living Words of Chassidus

*Moshiach’s words to the Baal Shem Tov: The geulah will come when the wellsprings of Chassidus will spread outward
*Our job: to reveal Elokus in everything through Chassidus
*The seforim are lives *Vos iz an alef?
*Chassidus teaches us to be G-dly, to be Moshiachdik; it gives us a taste of a higher reality, weakening the hold of the material world
*Moshiach is the aha
*Seeking the forgotten song
*The deeper drive behind all pleasure and love
*The knower of the sound: The Rebbe blowing shofar
*Heightening our sensitivity: pain from not having pain
*The Rebbe creates a higher standard
*Fulfilling the Rebbe’s goals

4. The Rebbe is with us

*The Frierdiker Rebbe’s finger
*The Rebbe’s finger, words, tears, look — empowers us
*Sukkos Nun Beis: The Rebbe watching every Chassid
*Tetzaveh 5727: Mitteler Rebbe gave himself — his soul and even his face — to his Chassidim in Israel
*3 Shevat 5752: We are the Rebbe’s mouthpiece
*Think big: We have to conquer the world
*Story with Reb Moshe Hecht: The Rebbe always wants more