The Rebbe’s Unique Approach to Antisemitism, Part 2

What is the Rebbe’s Unique Approach to Anti-Semitism?
Part 2 of 2

The latest brazen attacks on Jews simply because they are Jewish make us shudder. Are we back in the Middle Ages? These provocations bring back age-old questions: Why do they hate us so? And what can we do about it? Over the centuries, thinkers and scholars, politicians and journalists, have grappled with the question of the “Jewish problem” — a foreign people living among the world’s nations — offering various “solutions,” from assimilation, relocation to insulation..

Based on the classic sicha of Purim 5725 and other sichos, please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this 2-part class as he presents the Rebbe’s novel and transformative approach to fighting anti-Semitism: to stand even more proud and upright as Jews and to transform darkness with light. Instead of cowering in fear, a Jew is an agent of light and by celebrating Judaism we have the power to not only counter but transform all forms of hate and evil.

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