Hei Teves: The Enduring Eternity of the Rebbe, His Teachings and Directives

How to Make Chassidus Livelier, Stronger and More Active Among Us, By Us and Through Us to Every Jew and to the Entire World

Talk 1

1. The Difference between Livelier, Stronger and More Active
2. The Interface Between the Divine and Existence: Memaleh, Sovev and Atzmus
3. Livelier – Memaleh. Stronger – Sovev. More Active – Atzmus
4. How to Make it Livelier: Becoming Passionate
5. Our Challenge Today

Talk 2

6. The Enormous Strength We Have; Determination
7. The Frierdiker Rebbe’s Finger
8. I Am Going With You!
9. More Active
10. We Bring the Rebbe Alive
11. Today’s Unprecedented Wake Up Call

Talk 3

12. By Us and Among Us – Pnimi and Makif
13. Two Levels of Strength We Receive from the Rebbe
14. Story with Reb Hillel
15. Story with Reb Aaron Belinitzer
16. Balancing Individuality with Bittul
17. Until the Flame Rises on its Own
18. Aligning Your Individual View to the Rebbe’s View

Talk 4

19. Through Us to Others
20. Working on Yourself vs. Working With Others: Which Takes Precedence
21. What is Our Attitude Today to Avodas HaTefilah?
22. By Working With Others We too Become More Refined
23. The Rebbe’s Success Today is Dependent on Us
24. Looking at You Makes G-d Beloved Unto Others
25. Why Deprive Others Even if You Are Not on the Highest Level
26. Taking the Cause Seriously
27. Hei Teves Reckoning: Are You All In?

Talk 5

28. Vayikra 5747.
29. Holiness is Eternal. The Rebbe and His Books and Furniture are Forever
30. The Rebbe Belongs to Chassidim and Everything Lives On
31. Torah Belongs to All
32. Our Responsibility Today: To Bring Moshiach
33. Did We Yet Conquer the World?
34. What Should We be Doing to Bring Moshiach?
35. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Talk 6

36. A Vision of the Future
37. What Will the World Look Like When Moshiach Comes?
38. Lesson from a Dry Cleaners
39: Future Medicine: Beholding G-d from Our Flesh
40. Eradication of Disease and Death

Talk 7

41. How to Create a Moshiach Strategy
42. Practical Suggestions on Helping Bring the Geulah
43. Story of the Berditchever. Neder Shel Rabim to Bring Moshiach
43. The Mission We Were Charged With