Week 2: Online Class and Q&A Addressing Today’s Challenges Grades 9-12


How to Connect When We Are Apart
Online Class and Q&A Addressing Today’s Challenges (Coronavirus 2020)
Presented by Rabbi Simon Jacobson for Beth Rivkah High School Grades 9-12
March 30, 2020 / 5 Nissan 5780

How to control our inner lives when we can’t control our outer lives. How to connect when we are apart.

Questions and Answers:


  1. We know Moshiach is so near but how do you make it something your’e excited for and something to anticipate?
  2. For how long now will people keep their emuna strong that this is bringing Moshiach when it’s been two weeks already?!
  3. We know that the purpose of Hashem creating this world was for us to work and put effort into elevating and revealing G-dliness ect. This means the point of the avodah in golus is the avodah – Hashem doesn’t want us to be perfect people he wants us to struggle and work hard etc. If so, how can we say that the purpose of golus is for geulah? How do we know that Hashem will decide he doesn’t want geulah if his real desire for this world was so that we can work on revealing Hashem in physicality? What if Hashem doesn’t want to bring Moshiach? How do we know he’ll decide not to bring Moshiach?
  4. If we will still have children after Moshiach comes, how will they not be almost malachim? They won’t be able to understand what it means to not do the right thing, they will never experience free choice, etc… And what would be the point of a new neshama coming into the world if there’s nothing left to fix or accomplish?
  5. Will we fly on clouds or birds by Moshiach ?
  6. When Moshiach comes our bodies will be the same. Knowing that what is the case for Jewish people who might have been cremated or their bodies burnt in a fire?


  1. In a world that blurred so many of the lines, how do we stay true to our morals without getting confused?
  2. How do you justify your actions in general? Why does one care, desire to connect, etc?
  3. How long is it that learning feels real. And you feel it’s truth in every word. And you feel and know Hashem?
  4. What does it mean to know/understand a maamar/sicha/Tanya? Just that you understand/agree with it do know it inside out?