Light: A Series

Rivka Einav
Creative 2020 / Finalists

“Let there be light,”
from the beginning, before I began,

there it started.
An aspiration. A space,

It fell and broke,
Into darkness,


They told me there are pieces of light, in small places if searched for.

They told me, light couldn’t always fit within the vessel.
Words, never a true expression of mind.

Spent and searching for the space where
could fill voids.

The search,
The flame was light, and there was light,
The dark spaces      weren’t.

I went looking for light,
And ended back at home, it is that search for everything outside of the realm you know, to find it, back where you started.

I stop to meditate sometimes, he told me, there is an universal power, bigger than I was, but that I was the power; It was me, and bigger than me.           He said, visualize a light.
I saw soul.

In the beginning,
“Let there be light”
“I will breathe into you a living soul”
A piece of some universal power,

They told me, there is a lot of darkness,
I looked within, and there was, a flame.
They told me, it is dark out.
So I came home. There was a flame in the living room, the flame of light that
ushered in the weekend, and then was the light that ushered out the weekend,
a blessing, of a culture centered around,      light.

There is a light, characteristic of its source. There is a light, similar to the luminary,
And it lives.  Within every soul, within every practice,
with the practice of looking within.

They told me it is dark out there, so I came home, where they told me,
If dark can take hold,
Imagine how much more light can take hold.
He said, visualize soul.
I saw light.

A Series: Light

(Celebrating the light and joy found within and around Judaism and light Chassidus infuses into daily living, especially the active practice of candles bringing in Shabbos, and parting with Shabbos, as well as the light of the soul. The first two images are oil on canvas, the third is mixed media on card.)