Return of the Exiled Prince

Chaim Bell
Creative 2020 / Finalists


This play is mainly based on a ma’amer (discourse) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, delivered on his birthday, Yud Aleph Nissan, in the year 5731 (1971).

The Rebbe describes and explains the unique and special relationship between Hashem and the Jewish people.

In the ma’amer the Rebbe refers to three mosholim:

The moshol of a country hosting a king and his dignitaries (‘AichaRabba’)

The moshol of a visitor to a place diverted from reaching the presence of the king by the appeal of beautiful chambers en route (‘KeserShemTov’).

The moshol of a king’s banquet in which all the subjects (and even other creatures) get something to eat, but the place at the table next to the king is reserved for his son who wants only to be with the king. (‘Siddur’ of Rabbi ShneurZalman)

Our play is structured around the above mentioned mosholim plus a moshol from Tanya of a king visiting a lowly subject in his hovel.

How is it possible for us to achieve the level of the servants who serve their master without the intent of receiving reward? We are taught that this is within our grasp because every Jew is imbued with a spark of G-dliness. When activated, this spark reminds him of his source, reconnects him with his inner being and nullifies self- centred, extraneous considerations.

Screenplay: Return of the Exiled Prince