We’re In This Together

Rivka Plotkin
Creative 2020 / Finalists

This poem goes through my thought process illuminated with the light of chassidus,  in making the Dirah Bsachtonim my own journey. I hope this will inspire you to realize that you are here in this world for a reason. The most incredible reason. You aren’t here for naught. This world isn’t here for nothing. The whole point of Dirah Bsachtonim is for you!

Read on and read again.

I hope this becomes your journey too.

Thank you Rebbe!


Thank you Rabbi Marantz

Thank you Sheina R.


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I gaze

I look

I seek

At this universe.


Why teal blue

Why Corona

Why planet Saturn.



This all

Be a mistake?


If ya then

I’ll live a dead life

Or die.


Even if I find the cure

For Corona

Why did it

Have to be here

In the first place.


Can this insane world

This spinning ball

Of spinning


Men and ideas

Just be a test

To see if I can

Choose good

Evade evil

Stay far.


Can it be

That my Creator


Believe in me

He’s unsure if I’ll pass.


And then

What’s the value

In the good

I do now

If it’s all

Just the means

To receive






To the pleasure

Of this world.


There must

Be something more

To the creation

Of humans

And galaxies.[1]


There is more

G-d has an

Essential desire

Which comes not

From a lack

But from perfection.


 To have a home

Where His essence

Can be expressed

 In His garden

This planet.


We need to

Clear the rocks

Push the bad away

And plant flowers

Transform it to good.


In every facet

Of my life

I will let G-d

Shine through. [2]


But then

It gets rough

High good


As low




And then

Why should I continue

I should be G-d’s puppet?

Thrown around


Opened and shut

So He can have

His desire met.



Did I ever

Sign up

For this?


It’s not fair.


But I forgot.


I forgot

Before the concept of time

Before the concept of space.


My soul

A part of Gd

Had a DMC

With Him.


They decided

To partner up.


G-D would create

The world

Raw material

Coarse physicality

And the Jew

Would elevate

Refine it

Beautify it

A joint project.


I chose this

I want this.[4]


But sometimes

I’m not inspired

I don’t believe

I can’t care

And then.




Yells the voice

In my mind.


My limbs


Heavy cement.


I don’t move

I give up.


How can I

Say shema

Shake a lulav

Keep shabbos

If I don’t think




The strange


Is that Hashem

Counts me sincere

Even if I don’t

Believe at all.


Even if the words

My mouth utters

Even if the actions

My body does


The feelings in my heart

The thoughts in my mind.


He still thinks of me

As genuine

As real.


Cuz my soul

Lives it.


I’m just too blind

To perceive it

Cuz clouds of doubt

Tell me it’s dark

It’s false.



The more I do it

The more I say it

I will feel it

I’ll see

I’m not a fake

I’m not a hypocrite. [5]


I eat

To rid

Of aching





My starving

Soul. [6]


So I continue.


I continue




But still

I still wonder

I still question

I cry


What is this


In the sun


In the snow

Leading up to.


What about

The sweat

The pain

Along the way.


There must

Be more

There is more.


This home

This earth

My body

This universe.


Isn’t just

A home for Gd

It’s a home

For me and Him.


When moshiach


G-d and I

Will be one

To the point

That I’ll be

Called in His name.[7]


Like a bride and groom

They can’t

Be homeless

They need

A stunning abode.


This earth

It’s my future

It’s my present.


And if I go

And bash

And say

I’m damaged

Not worthy.


It’s like

A bride

On the way

To the canopy


I can’t get married

My dress

It’s dirty.


Know what?


That’s girls problems

The groom

Will still come

Even to

The tanner’s market.[8]


Cuz it’s not

How I view myself

But how G-d

Views the Jew.


The Jew is everything.


You are everything.


The Jew is why

There’s Corona

There’s teal blue

Planet Saturn.


The sweat


To the marriage

And I will

See that soon.


I will even

Thank G-d for it.



Bring on

The wedding

Do your part

Elevate that spark.


It’s about time

To lace your shoes



Moshiach now;)