Every Jew is a Diamond that Needs to be Refined

David Naccache
Creative 2020 / Finalists

How in 2020 can we keep the motivation to reveal the Divine part that is in each Jew?

Every Jew has in him a Divine soul, according to the Admour Hazaken’s (the first Rabbi of the Chabad’s Chassidus) words in his book the Tanya (1.2) “a part of G-d, truly from above” that connects him to Hashem. It’s this notion that must be kept in mind, not to abandon a single Jew in his spiritual distress. Perhaps the Jew you bring back to the Torah and the Mitzvos will be, as the Rambam (Rebbe Moshe ben Maimon) said, the one who by a Mitzva will tilt the scales on the right side, triggering the final redemption. It’s up to us to act and continue the Rebbe’s mission, to ensure that every Jew shines of Mitzvos like a diamond.