Winners of the 2017 MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Contest

Essays 2017

$10,000 First Place Winner
Moishe Chakoff, 27, Miami, Florida – Topic: Trees & Maps: How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

$3,600 Second Place Winner
Shraga Crombi, 35, Edison, New Jersey – Topic: Chassidus as an Eclectic Psychological Approach (Hebrew). English translation.

$1,000  Third Place Winner
Hadassah Silberstein, 24, Brooklyn, NY – Topic: How to Deal With Difficult People

Bonus $1,000 Fourth Place Winner
Sara Blau, 26, Brooklyn, NY – Topic: ADD – The Key to Productive Living

Top 25 Finalists:

Daniel Feld, Jerusalem, Israel – Humble and Grateful: A Chassidic Path to Happiness

Avrumie Karp, Spring Valley, NY – A Chasidic Approach to Dealing with PTSD

Chony Milecki, Brooklyn, NY – A Different Kind of Success

Esther Rochel Elkaim, Bal Harbour, FL – A Shidduch as Illuminated by the Teachings of Chassidus

Avi Lowell, Jerusalem, Israel – You Are Here

DovBer Oirechman, Lod, Israel – Freedom from Addiction

Avremi Weinberg, Los Angeles, CA – G-d and Pain- How to be Vulnerable and Trust Again

Tonni Shmuckler, Montreal, QC – Dealing with Hate Issues

Chaim Luria, Zhytomyr, Ukraine – Staying Afloat in the Age of Information

Menachem Mendel Wolff, Netania, Israel – The Power of Self-Esteem

Mendy Levitin, Seattle, WA – The Present: The Greatest Gift of All

Amchaye Even-Yisroel, Jerusalem, Israel – Addiction vs. Self Control

Yisroel Yitzchaki, Kfar Chabad, Israel – Overcoming Addiction through Balance

Malky Bitton, Vancouver, BC – Adjusting to Distressing “New Normals”

Shneur Zalman Ives, Brooklyn, NY – The Olympic Theory

Yossi Grossbaum, Folsom, CA – All Fun and No Joy: The Paradox of Life in the Postmodern Era

Bentzi Avtzon, Bala Cynwyd, PA – To Find Meaning One Must Make Meaning

Rochel Cohen, Leeds, UK – Love: The Basis of Torah

Menachem Mendel Schusterman, Peabody, MA –

Mushka Silberberg, Chicago, IL – Wanting Desire

Rivkah Shanowitz, Montreal, QC – How to Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

Rafi Chemel, Toronto, ON  The Dynamics of Happiness

David Lichtenstadter, Brooklyn, NY – Why We Need a Break

No’a Bat Miri, Milford, CT – Committing to Your Purpose in a World of Cheap Substitutes

Gale Levin, New Haven, CT – The Heart of the Matter