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Social Anxiety

Menchik Goluv, Long Beach, California

Anxiety & Fear / Essays 2019

This essay will be comparing how Chassidus deals with something like Social Anxiety Disorder and how modern therapists deal with it. The primary source is Tanya chapter 26. There were only four more people before it was my turn to go and I still hadn’t thought of something to say. It was a work event

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The Benefits of Uncertainty

Dov Ber Klein, Manchester, England

Anxiety & Fear / Essays 2019

This essay will examine the different types of counsel offered to people grappling with the anxiety provoked by an uncertain future. It will first explore and evaluate the approach of modern psychotherapy, next the traditional Jewish viewpoint and finally the Chabad Chassidic angle, showing how they can be all incorporated into one unified picture. It

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Battling the Butterflies

Gavriel Eagle, Baltimore, Maryland

Anxiety & Fear / Essays 2019

A Chassidus-Based Approach to Curing Social Anxiety Humans, by nature, are social animals. We cherish relationships with other people and the feelings of love and acceptance generated from them above all else. In fact, love is a primary need, and children who do not receive sufficient love and nurturance are at physical risk of death

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מודל א.ב.א. – התשובה החסידית להפרעות החרדה בעולמנו המודרני

Menachem Mendel Dekel, Yokne-am, Israel

Anxiety & Fear / Essays 2019 / Finalists

מבוא לכולנו בני האנוש, יוצא לחוות סוגים שונים של חוויות ו’רגעים’ במהלך חיינו. מ’רגעים’ קטנים ושוליים שנדחקים אי-שם למעמקי התודעה, ועד ל’רגעים’ וחוויות רבי-משמעות שנצרבים ומותירים את רישומן בנפשנו לאורך שנים. ברוב האירועים אנו חווים ומרגישים, נהנים, מתבאסים ו.. ממשיכים הלאה, בשגרת חיינו. אך לא לעולם חוסן, ישנם מקרים החובטים בהכרתנו בעוצמה כה רבה, עד

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Fear, Anxiety and President Trump

Dovid Vigler, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Anxiety & Fear / Essays 2018 / Leadership

As the 45th President of this great nation has completed his first year in office this month, tensions are high. Most citizens are either euphoric or fearful; few remain ambivalent. Fear, anxiety and the Jewish approach to it, is a central theme in Jewish thought and a foundational principle of my faith too. Though the

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