ESSAYS| 2019

ESSAYSss| Prayer

Big G-d and Little Me

Hindy Litvin, Atlanta, Georgia

Essays 2019 / Prayer

Introduction A vast desert stretches endlessly before him, the same scenery stretches in all directions for miles. His forehead shines with perspiration, and his parched mouth yearns for a drink of water. He slowly drags one foot in front of another, drawing on energy he didn’t know he had. He had been on a voyage

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“Human Doing”? Discover Your True Essence: a “Human Becoming”

Yochi Ress, Johannesburg, South Africa

Essays 2019 / Prayer

We live in an increasingly automated world. The machines have taken over to some extent, and the new emerging condition of “low-battery anxiety” (or its more fancy name “nomophobia”) refers to the immense stress when users are separated even from the shortest periods from their devices. (1) The pandemic addiction of living constantly plugged into

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Stress and Prayer

Ahava Lichtenstein, Hanover, Pennsylvania

Essays 2018 / Prayer / Stress

Introduction Stress is an age old affliction. It contributes to emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, and addiction as well as health issues such as a weak immune system, cancer and heart disease, (may G-d protect us!). But most of all, stress is not fun. What Chassidism brings to the table is prayer. The potential

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The Avodah of Davening in Light of Chassidus

Esther Rochel Elkaim, Bal Harbour, Florida

Essays 2018 / Prayer

Davening (praying) is something Yidden (Jews) do every day, multiple times per day. Yet, it is something that is often misunderstood and treated as an obligation to fulfill in the quickest manner possible and not given much thought. This is sad because the art of prayer is one of the most beautiful gifts in Yiddishkeit

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