ESSAYS| 2019

ESSAYSss| Essays 2019

Teenage Rebellion

Chaya Youngworth, Johannesburg, South Africa

Essays 2019 / Personal Growth

Many young people struggle internally; they look at themselves and wonder, “Who am I? I’ve changed over the years both in appearance and personality, but what stays the same? What is my essence?” By looking internally, this can also enhance the question, Sometimes it can feel like one is two faced and sometimes contradictory. “Am

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“ככה” זו לא תשובה

Meir Heber, Kfar Chabad

Belief in G-d / Essays 2019

הקדמה: הקושי לקיים מצוות ללא היגיון, ולשמוח בקיומן טבע האדם הוא, שלכל דבר שהוא נדרש לעשות, הוא מחפש הסבר. הוא ימנע מלעשות דברים שאין להם סיבה, וגם אם יאלץ לעשות אותם, מצד שיכריחו אותו לעשותם וכדומה – הוא יעשה את הדברים ללא חשק וחיות. ולדוגמא, כשאב מצוה את בנו לעשות דבר כלשהו, הנה אם הדבר

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Reach from Within

Michal Uryash, Miami Beach, Florida

Essays 2019 / Frum Community

The Rebbe writes that, “ Each and every generation has its own characteristics which have bearing on contemporary problems.” How many of us have grown up with friends that aren’t Shomer Shabbos anymore? How many of us have seen a bright Yeshiva student leave the path of Torah? How many of us have witnessed our

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Instant Me

Esther Rivkah Rodal, Johannesburg, South Africa

Essays 2019 / Personal Growth

We live in a generation where everything is available. Not only is it accessible, but it is there in an instant. The whole world is at our fingertips. Overnight delivery, one-click ordering and instant messaging are just some examples of how we expect our world to operate. At the same time, we find an implausible

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Self Worth for the Ultimate Self

Mushkie Lipszyc, North Miami, Florida

Essays 2019 / Self Esteem

Striving. That constant desire for something better. Conflicting emotions. The rollercoaster of feelings constantly fluctuating from a happy ego to a depressing self-pity. Never a stable medium of content. Where would the balance of emotions come from? When in our lives does the healthy state of being take its place, and how do we achieve

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Perfecting Connection

Mili Rosenbluh, Spring Valley, New York

Communication / Essays 2019

A young man once approached the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, and asked: “ Rebbe, What is it that you do that makes people from all different backgrounds flock daily to you, to seek blessing and guidance in their life?” With a kind and loving smile, the Rebbe answered,”I try to be a good friend.”

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The Misunderstood Power of Women

Ita Gordon, Albany, New York

Essays 2019 / Women

Throughout history and in many societies, women have been considered second class citizens. They were used as objects to show off their beauty. They were pressured regarding how they dressed and how they looked, how much makeup they wore. Women’s opinions were not taken seriously. For instance in America, for many years women were not

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Rivky Cohen, Manchester, London

Essays 2019 / Joy and Happiness

Introduction: I chose the topic of simcha because I saw how it personally affected my life and changed the way I dealt with different hard situations. I based my essay on the verse King David writes in the book of Psalms, “Serve G-D with joy, come before Him with jubilation.” Our mission in this world

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