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Chapter 100: Sefirah Narrative – Revealing the Infinite (part 2)

Long Summary

Similarly, the ten sefirot of atzilus reveal the divine infinite energy. We will understand this with the prayer “imbue our hearts with binah,” to “understand one thing from another” (mayvin dovor m’toch dovor). Binah is the level that manifests energy in a contained way. As reflected in the human faculty of binah: Unlike chochma which is only aware of the general concept (in a makifdik hovering way), binah grasps and contains the idea and brings it into comprehension. The same can be understood about binah above: binah is the level of containers, which grasp and contains the energy so that it is comprehensible and understandable. Binah is therefore called “neshomo,” which is a state of immanent energy that can be sensed and known (except that we only know of the existence, metziyus, of the soul, while binah is aware of its personality, mehus).

To “understand one thing from another” means that from the comprehensible concept one derives another unrelated, and even contrary concept. Namely, comprehension that there is something beyond comprehension. This process is paraodxical: On one hand binah is defined by comprehension; the personality of one who comperehends is such that he is always seeking to understand and comprhens any given subject. Incomprehension is antithetical to his nature. Like one who is deliberate (methodical) and conclusive (“moson u’masik”), who looks for clarity, in contrast to one who is sharp and critical (“chorif u’makshe”), who conceals and challenges the clarity. Yet, it is precisley through comprehension that one comes to a new awareness and one that is its diametric opposite — beyond comprehension.

Comprehension is primarily the outer dimension of binah; while the awareness that is beyond comprehension is the inner dimension of binah. The former leads to the latter: The fact that the concept is comprehended indicates that this is only a reflection of the core idea, because the core is beyond comprehension and grasping. Thus, we come to the comprehension (inner binah) of the grandeur and exaltedness of the core. xxxx

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