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Chapter 79: The Paradox of Transcendence – Transcendent Unanimity: All Crowns Evolve From One Another

Long Summary

With all that was discussed (in chapters 59-78) about the relationship of transcendence and its impact on immanence, nevertheless transcendent energy — the desire in each world — is beyond the structure and all the makifim (kesorim) are equal with no distinctions. In the immanent structure one level is not the same as another. The wisdom of asiyah (action, like artistry or embroidery) is fundamentally different than the wisdom of atzilus (essential wisdom), and even when it grows it can never become wisdom of atzilus. (Torah is different being higher than the structure). But the desire, keser, of each world can grow to the keser of a higher world and beyond (like through innocence in keser of asiyah one can reach higher than keser of atzilus). Because all “kesorim evolve from one another” — they are all one essential personality, beyond any distinctions.

Hebrew Text

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