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Chapter 17: Infinite and Finite Energy (part 2)

Long Summary

The creation of the human in the “Divine Image and Form” refers to the two levels of energy/kav (image) and container/reshimu (form), both — also the energy — consisting of a shape and structure of sefirot. In contrast to the Infinite Divine energy which is beyond any image and form of sefirot. And this too consists of two levels: The dimension of energy that has infinite sefirot, and the essence of the energy (in its source) which has no sefirot at all.

These two levels of energy before the tzimtzum – finite (the root of the kav in the ten hidden sefirot) and infinite — are reflected after the tzimtzim in Keter, which also has two levels: 1) The essence of Keter is beyond parameters and can express in infinite sefirot. Compared to this level the energy of Chochma and Atzilut is like a new entity (yesh m’ayin), infinitely distant. 2) The sefirot in keter are the root of the energies of Atzilut, and compared to this level the energies are close and revealing what is concealed (gilui ha’helem).

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba prueba


Finite and Infinite Energy; two levels of Havaya.