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Chapter 16: Finite and Infinite Energy

Long Summary

The root of the kav energy (the ten hidden sefirot), which, relative to the essence, is the root of defined energy, is not the same level as the divine finite power, the reshimu, which is the root of the containers. In the Divine names the difference between them is like the difference between Havaya, the essential name, which reflects and is united with the divine essence, and the other divine names (like E-l, Elokim), which express particular divine functions, and are like “separate” faculties.

Havaya itself consists of two levels: 1) The root of the finite energy of the cosmic structure (memaleh), the ten hidden sefirot. 2) The desire that precedes the structure, the infinite energy (root of sovev), which is beyond any sefirot.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba


Finite and Infinite Energy; two levels of Havaya