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Chapter 31: Point, Line, Plane

Short Summary

The three levels of energy are like the point, line and plane.

Long Summary

The three levels of energy are like the point, line and plane (nekudah, kav, shetach):

1. The root of the energies (in the ten hidden spheres) is like the point — completely shapeless and amorphous, utterly unified and part of the essence, without any expression and definition.

2. The energies as they emerge post-tzimtzum are like the line, that extends and transmits (length) from the point, yet is still relatively formless. this can be explained in two ways: a) The line is transmitting the energy in gradations, reaching to the lowest levels, like an ideas that is being conveyed from teacher to student, with examples and contexts that reach all levels, even the beginner student. b) The line is made up of points — it only reveals the essential and formless nature of the point as it stands abstract in the teacher’s mind (but does not bring it down to lower levels), and remains relatively shapeless. Like the Mishne, which reveals the point of the written Torah, yet remains amorphous compared to the Gemara. The line is like the word of nekudim — a line made up of many points — compared to akudim, where all the energies were bound in one point.

3. The third level in the energies, how they manifest in the containers, is like the plane, where the energies are totally integrated and internalized, to the point that they actually assume definition and personality, commensurate with the containers, and as such have the power to create the lower worlds of Beriyah, Yetzirah, Asiyah (biy”a).

This explains the level of Atzilus: the spirit of Moses was imparted upon the elders, and that allowed for the transmission of meat (Numbers Chapter 11). Two steps were necessary for this to happen: the imparting of Moses’ spirit, since all transmissions come from Moses; the manifestation in this energy in the containers (the elders), which allows for the transmission even of meat.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba


Point, Line, Plane. Atzilus