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Chapter 75: Yotzer Prayer: 7 Steps Within Malchus (part 3) – Adon Uzeinu (part 1): The Daughter – Vulnerability

Long Summary

Adon (uzeinu): mature malchus. malchus achieving masculine status, as it connects with binah. malchus on its own is the level of “daughter,” the recipient who need to protection. In avodah: weak and vulnerable, as the divine soul is dominated by the animal soul. It thus needs the power of Torah to give it strength. The preparation for that is “fogetting your people and house of your father” — reigning in and controlling your temptations. Elul — teshuvah ta’taah — with the power of Torah, leads us to the teshuva i’laah of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Hebrew Text

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