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Chapter 22: Evolution of Energy

Long Summary

The ten hidden sefirot as they stand within the Divine essence (without any tzimtzum concealment) could not be contained by existence (even the loftiest levels). If they were revealed as is they would all transmit as one, without any organized structure and order (like the revelation of the concealed faculties at a celebration). There would be no manifestation of energies in containers (ohr pnimi) and no progressive system (“hishtalshilut’) or interconnectivity (“hitkalilut’). This would not fulfill the purpose of existence, which is to have a structured system.

The tzitmtzum concealed the energy of the ten hidden sefirot, allowing them to emerge as distinct individual sefirot, with its energy in a diminished state, preparing them to enter into the containers. But even as they emerge after the tzimtzum, the energies retain their fundamental personalities (with revealed chochma being an extension of hidden chochma). Unlike the containers that are infinitely distant from their source in the finite power before the tzimtzum.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba


Hidden and Revealed Sefirot