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Chapter 23: One Letter

Short Summary

Revealed and hidden sefirot like separate letters of a word.

Long Summary

We can understand the concealment of the “ten hidden sefirot” in order to allow for the emergence of the energy of “revealed sefirot” with the example of a word which is comprised of several letters. The combination of these letters together create a word, like boruch (blessing), that conveys a profound idea. But when we look at one single letter of of the word — like when we teach a child the letter beis of boruch — we do not comprehend the concept of the entire word in context. Yet, the letter beis is exactly the same letter beis that, combined with the other letters of the word, expresses the entire profundity of the concept, and is appreciated by the wise who understand the meaning of the word, even while the child relates only to the the letter beis. So too the “ten hidden sefirot” (before the tzimtzum) are like the combined letters of a word, which on their own cannot be contained by our existence due to their being all joined as one, in an abstract and formless state, brimming with the intensity of the divine infinite pre-tzimtzum light. Chochma as a distinct entity, like a single letter, emerges by concealing the “word’ and its meaning in its full intensity. Yet, even as a distinct entity chochma is exactly the same chochma as it is part of the larger word and its depth, albeit in a tangible form and in state of diminished energy.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba prueba


Revealed and Hidden Sefirot.