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Chapter 110: Jacob’s Pillar – Rose Amongst Thorns

Long Summary

The point (nekudah) of malchus as it descends in biy”a, which on its own is concealed until its is raised and built up (the stone that Jacob

then turned into a pillar) — in human service (avodah) — can be explained in several ways:

1) The spark of faith in every heart and soul, which compels a person to impose himself on the animal soul and simply force himself to act

accordingly, even if he has no deeper intention and feelings. The raising of malchus (acheives through Jacob turning the stone into a pillar) is

the work we do in braodenging our minds in serving the divine.

2) The divine awakening power from above which helps the divine soul free itself from the clutches of the animal soul, which are the thorns of

materialism — all our materiasl concerns that conceal the rose, the inner divine desire of the soul to connect to the sublime. Rachel and


Hebrew Text

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