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Chapter 40 (part 1): Chochma: Essential Wisdom

Short Summary

The progression of cause and effect (both types) are not applicable to chochma, which experiences the essence (like sight) and is thus higher than the cosmic progression.

Long Summary

The second type of cause and effect is that both are the same entity. Like within the intellect itself (in contrast to intellect and emotions) — the idea that is transmitted from teacher to student is not a new concept. Though the transmitted idea is only a reflection of the outer levels of the teacher’s comprehension, its still the same idea. And the recipient (the effect) has a commonality with the transmitter (the cause), coupled with the capacity to grow and get more refined and closer to the concept as it is in the source.

But this progression of cause and effect (both types) is possible only on the level of expression, not on the level of the essence. The same is above: Progression is possible only on the expressive Divine levels which we are capable of comprehending. But in the incomprehensible essence there is no progression. This is the level of chochma, which is higher than the cosmic progression: Like sight, the essence of chochma experiences the essential resonating truth, which is beyond comprehension.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba prueba prueba


Progression of cause and effect. Chochma beyond the cosmic progression.