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Chapter 112 (part 2): Jacob’s Pillar – Opening Doors

Long Summary

Large dalet is also door and opening. Gates in temple that had doors and were at times closed and at time open depending on human actions. Opening of the hall was always open. signifying the divine infinite energy that is not concealed and blocked by the curtians and doors. Malchut is the door — the portal between the divine higher unity of atzilus and the lower created worls of biy”a. The lower level of malchut is the doors that at times are closed, regulating the progressive flow (like the curtains that conceal). The large dalet is the hifgher level of malchus, which is the open door of the hall, however we can say that in the defined structure it channels the energy from the open passage. Laban wanted to block the flow with his mound, Jacob built the pillar to draw down the energy of atzilut into malchut and lift it up from being a mere point to being a structure (partzuf), and thus transmit the divine energy into biy”a.

After Jacob finished his refinement work with Laban’s sheep, he them is ready to return and refine Esau. He thus sends messengers to notify Esau that “I lived with Laban” and kept the 613 (garti/taryag) mitzvot. I refined Laban, keser, chochma binah of kelipah. I am thus now ready to refine you, Esau, z”a of kelipah. (Though it says elsewhere that the refinement of kacha”b will be in the future, follong the refinenement of z”a today, that is from the bottom up. But Jacob refined these levels from the top down).

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