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Chapter 77 (part 1): Yotzer Prayer: 7 Steps Within Malchus (part 4) – Adon Uzeinu (part 3): Mother Adorns Daughter – Malchus Matures

Long Summary

At times binah emanates energy into malchus endowing her with masculine (adon) status, as the Zohar (I 2a) says: Mother lends daughter her garments and adorns her with her ornaments… this one is called master (adon), as is said “behold, the ark of the covenant , master of all the earth.”

On the soul level this is when the root (mazal) of the soul channels energy and empowers the soul, as it manifests and is concealed in the body and the animal soul, with thoughts of teshuvah. It arouses the awareness in the “lost” and displaced soul to seek out its divine spark — “u’bikashtem me’shom” — that is lost and scattered in the crassness of the animal soul and material existence. This awareness causes the divine soul to cry out from its inner depths in anguish over its distance and dire straits, which in turn lifts the soul out of its exile, and also impacts the animal soul to change. This impact is acutely felt by the animal soul when it reaches a state of desperation

and also the animal soul to feel helpless. The broken soul in turn causes it to be transformed.

This is Adon Uzeinu — binah empowering malchus to free itsekf from its displacement, and on the contrary — its thirst reaches higher than the initial desire (binah).

2) Empowering malchus to be revealed in a powerful and internal way — during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, when the focus is on the service of kabolas ol malchus shomayim, the conscious and revealed devotion and connection to the divine. (1) Freedom from Captivity. 2) Dynamic kabolat ol; makifim of biy”a).

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