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Chapter 67 (part 1) : Existential Impact of Transcendence (part 4) – The Keser of Atzilus Effect

Long Summary

The impact of keser of atzilus is not on general existence (like the bittul that a”k effects), but on the souls, which are rooted in atzilus — it causes them to have hidden love and re’usa d’liba, to offer testimony on the transcendent, the hidden of all the hidden. Israel is like desire, which rules the faculties. And it also impacts them to be revealed. The makif (keser) of atzilus is a close makif, which is closer to the internal and immanent, affecting the spontaneous thoughts of teshuvah, and the resting of the shechinah that inspires a person.

Hebrew Text

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Keser of Atzilus. Soul.


Transcendence (chapters 49-83)