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Chapter 80: The Paradox Of Transcendence – Are There Levels In Transcendence?

Long Summary

Question: Aren’t there ten sefirot also on the level of iggulim, as well as a hierarchy of higher and lower makifim, and even each makif has a higher and lower level (as we see in regard to repairing spiritual infections) — so how can we say that the transcendent energy has no diversity and distinction? Answer: These distinctions are only quantitative, in the measure of revealed or diminished energy, but not qualitatively, because all the transcedent energies are fundamentally one. Thus, these quantitative distinctions of higher and lower do not contradict our earlier discussion that transcendence has no levels because quantitative distinction is not the primary defintion of hierarchy, as we discussed earlier that even in the immanent energy the primary heirachy (of higher and lower) is not in quantity, but in quality: quantitively binah can reach the level of chochma, but qualitatively it cannot (even in their source in atik).

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