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Chapter 86 (part 1): Number: Quantity or Quality?

Long Summary

As it is known, that sometimes the highest numbers are above and the lowest ones below (ten thousands in keser and units in malchus), and sometimes it says the opposite that the lowest numbers are above and the highest ones below (units in keser and thousands and ten thousands in malchus). The difference is whether we are speaking from the perspective of the energies or of the containers: From the energy perspective the greatest amount of is on higher levels and its gets diminished as the energy descends and is transmitted below. Containers are diminished in higher states, and increase as the flow descends.

“More” energy means something different than “more” containers:” Numbers and magnitude in energy is qualitative (not more details, but higher and more intense energy). While in containers “more” is quantitative — more detailed and defined containers.

This is the meaning in the words of the Pardes that the primary number is in malchus — that is number of defined containers, which are far greater in malchus than in the higher levels, where the number (quality) of energies is greater. Malchus is like speech that reveals the details that are higher and more sublime in thought.

Hebrew Text

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