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Chapter 11: Conscious Transendence

Long Summary

By contrast, energy is consciously and visibly connected to its source, a revealed manifestation of the Source. The energies in Atzilut are connected to the kav (the ray of light that returns after the tzimtzum); and the kav is connected (albeit in diminished form) to its source in the light preceding the tzimtzum.

The containers have an advantage over the energies due to the fact that the tzimtzum did not affect the letters of the reshimu (from which the containers originate), as it did the energy/light of the kav (like the sparks that come from the actual coal, while the flame does not). The power of the containers (rooted higher than the energies) causes the energy to descend into the container. The sublimation (bittul) of the containers reaches higher than the energies — iskafya (refrain) greater than ishapcha (transformation) — therefore naseh (we will do) is greater than nishma (we will hear). And the preparation to the Divine essence revelation at Mattan Torah is through the bittul of the containers, that all the people rested at Sinai united “like one person.”

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba


Ohr/energy; kav; rehimu, tzimtzum, sinai.