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Chapter 21: Shapeless Energy

Long Summary

How can we say that the ten hidden sefirot are completely seamless and shapeless? The very fact that they are ten suggest definition and parameters, which is antithetical to indivisibility.

Answer: Based on the discussion earlier that the energy of the sefirot is not like the power of the finite (which manifests in containers), but is essentially light/energy that is always bound to and reflects its source, and just as the source is shapeless, so too is the energy. “(Hidden) Sefirot” before the tzimtzum refers to revelation (all revelation is a form of sefirot, whether it is infinite revelation of unlimited sefiriot, or finite revelation of the ten hidden sefirot). And more specifically, the hidden sefirot are only the expression of the divine thought to create a structure, not actually any form of sefirah. Similar to Adam Kadmon, which is the divine level of thought that encompasses all of existence, but on its own primordial kadmon level.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba prueba


Hidden Sefirot


Adam Kadmon: Drush Gimmel Minei Odom ch. 5 (Ohr HaTorah Inyonim p. 86). Matzah Zu 5640 ch. 56 (Sefer HaMaamorim 5640 p. 242). See also later chapters 59-60.


The addition of this chapter to ch. 18-19 is that the hidden sefirot don’t just reside together (due to their abstract and ethereal state), but that they are essentially light, which is first and foremost an expression of its source. Only here the light, by direction of the source, has taken on the role of sefirot. These sefirot therefore don’t just reside together they are actually one and indivisible, as a seamless expression of their source.