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Chapter 66: Levels of Desire (part 4) – Adam Kadmon and Atzilus

Long Summary

The primal desire and thought of adam kadmon is the power of desire, the heskem, which is still within the essence, and not yet the full blown desire in motion as it manifests in keser of atzilus, which is the revealed and stimulated desire. Like the difference between kadesh and kodosh, thought (beriyah d’klolus, a”k) and speech (yetzirah d’klolus, keser of atzilus), which leads to action (asiya d’klolus, atzilus). Another reason for the need of the revealed desire (keser): because a”k is in a state of ain sof relative to atzilus. To bring the ten sefirot into being requires a spcific desire, a makif proti, for atzilus specifically.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba


Adam Kadmon. Atzilus