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Chapter 29 (part 1): Energy Meets Container

Short Summary

How the energies manifest in containers.

Long Summary

According to the above we can understand how the energies manifest in containers: On one hand, energy and container are proportionately distant from one another, like the distance of a soul and a body. Unlike the container which is not consciously and in any revealed fashion connected to its source (and is thus like a new entity in relation to its source), the energy is always connected to its source, and is only diminished (miyut) by the tzimtzum (and is thus only revealing the concealed, not a new entity). Even compared to the infinite energy light, which is removed (siluk), the finite energy is not an entirely new entity, being that the energy is always connected to its source. On the other hand, because the energy from its very root contains ten sefirot, it is able to manifest in containers and become shaped by them into tangible attributes.

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