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Chapter 61: The Adam Kadmon Effect (part 2)

Short Summary

Additional impact of A”K on existence: 1) concealed love in every soul, mesirat nefesh, supra-rational faith. 2) kabolat ol malchut shomayim – naaseh that preceded nishma – bittul to the source of desire (baal ha’ratzon). The inner dimension of A”K is the source of these forces within us, giving us the capacity to easily reach these levels.

Long Summary

[Continuing the discussion of A”K’s impact on existence, he adds a second type of impact — the effect that the internal dimension of A”K has on souls].

We can additionally explain [the impact of A”K on existence] based on Likkutei Torah (Tazria 21a), that though A”K cannot manifest in an internal/conscious way, a reflection of its energy must infuse souls: A”K infuses the soul with its transcendent nature to expire in its yearning for the divine; the soul’s deep seated supra-rational faith and hidden love, which is why every Jew has the capacity to give his life to sanctify G-d (
mesirat nefesh al kiddush Hashem). and he has the ability and free will to reveal this dimension into his consciousness. This energy comes from the inner dimension of A”K, while the bittul of “all that stand upright” in existence in general (discussed in the previous chapter) originates from the outer dimension of A”K.

We can further understand the energy of A”K in souls as being expressed in their total devotion (kabolat ol malchut shomayim) to the source, the “Master of desire” (baal ha’ratzon), which is higher than and precedes their commitment to His actual desires (kabolat ol mitzvot), “we will do then we will listen” (naaseh preceding nishma), to the point that he has pleasure from serving the divine, and even higher: his pleasure is from the pleasure of the master.

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Adam Kadmon.