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Chapter 74 (part 2): Yotzer Prayer: 7 Steps Within Malchus (part 2) – First Four Levels in Malchus

Long Summary

“The beginning” refers to the beginning of all beginnings — atzmus. The intention of the ‘beginning” is wedged in the end — in malchut, “melech yochid,” “melech ha’kodesh,” “adon olam asher molach b’terem kol,” fundamental exaltation (hisna’asus atzmi). This is malchut – power to create: “Elokei olam” — the divine name as it is encompassed in and one with the essence — yecholes.

“B’rachomecho Ha’rabim” is the name as it is revealed. These first two levels are like the difference between mlacht as it is rooted in binah (concealed) and in z”a (more revealed). “Racheim aleinu” – keser malchus: the ani of keser and atzmus infuses the ayin of malchus with exaltation: the elevation of nature through miracles which manifest in nature. “Racheim” (compassion) comes from an exalted state — a makif — which recognizes the lowliness and distance of an entity and has compassion toward it. Immanent energy does not require and evoke compassion.

“Adon Uzeinu” — the compassion creates a makif that empowers and elevates the soul.

Hebrew Text

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