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Chapter 24: Wordless Letters

Short Summary

What remains after the word and idea is concealed.

Long Summary

How can we apply the example of letters in a word to the to the “ten hidden sefirot” when they are the root of the energies? The example works well according to the opinion that they are the root of the containers: Like distinct letters the containers emerge when the energy (of the idea within the word) is concealed. But according to the explanation in this discourse that they are the root of the energies, what exactly remains once the energy (the idea) is concealed?

Two answers: 1) Energy has an inner and outer dimension. In the “ten hidden sefirot” the letters are combined and appreciate the inner energy. After the idea is concealed pnly the outer energy remains. 2) The letters that remain are the names that serve as bridge between the energies and containers.

Hebrew Text

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Revealed and Hidden Sefirot