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Chapter 20: The Mistake of the Scouts

Long Summary

Torah (structured like “man,’ ohr pnimi) has in it three levels: desert, city, field. The “desert” within Torah is (chochma of) the hidden sefirot, which are higher than structure, reason, and pleasure — the secrets of Torah. “City” (inhabited by people) is the comprehension of Torah. “Field” (which is outside of the city but an accessory and extension of it) refers to the intentions of mitzvot, which have some comprehension.

Moses sent the scouts, the level of comprehension and distinction, to stimulate the essential power within mitzvot, which are preformed simply because they are the Divine Will, without any reason and pleasure, and thus reach the essence. The bittul of Moses (mah) was meant to permeate the scouts in their mission and infuse bittul within all three levels – desert, city and field. The desert (bittul) of Torah would bring out the essential power of the mitzvot. But the scouts did not fulfill their role.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba


Levels in Torah, Mitzvot


The story of Moses and the scouts demonstrates the interface role of Torah (internal energy), rooted in the hidden sefirot — which are structure but in a formless state — to reveal the essence. The scouts were in effect missing the connection to the ten hidden ethereal sefirot, and were consumed with their own distinct levels of revelation and expression.