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Chapter 29 (part 2): Three Levels in Energy

Short Summary

The first two of three levels of energy: 1) In the source, and 2) revealed outside of the source.

Long Summary

There are in general three levels in the energies (ohros): 1) The root of the energies as they are encompassed and one in their source pre-tzimtzum. The level of Ant Hu chad v’lo b’chushban (You are one but not in the numerical sense) — absolute and essential oneness (yochid) and formlessness (peshitus). 2) The energies as they emerge after the tzimtzum as distinct entities, yet they still retain the formlessness of their source, and are thus shapeless relative to the energies as they manifest in the containers. The levl of Ant Hu chakim v’lo c’chochma yediya (You are wise but not with a knowable wisdom).

Hebrew Text

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Three Levels of Energy