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Chapter 111: Jacob’s Pillar – Lifting The Fallen

Long Summary

Additionally we can say that the point (stone) of malchus refers to malchus in a fallen state in the times of exile, “the fallen sukkah of david,” as it says that Esther “feel to his feet.” In the times of the temple malchus stood “face to face” with the divine. Face to face means revealed inner faculties, an elevated state of divine consciousness both in sight and sound. xxxx The spiritual was natural, and the material secondary.

By contrast, in exile the divine is concealed and the material revealed. The material is natural and primary and the spiritual secondary. People are preoccupied with their physical desires and material needs. Even when there is spiritual awakening it comes with great effort, through exerted contemplation, which dissipates and passes. The divine soul is in a fallen state, held hostage in the prison of materialism.

Yet, G-d “frees the prisoners” and “supports the fallen.” Mitzvot, which express the divine will, awaken the divine will in the highr souls, and teshuvah awakens it in the lower souls of the “soles” and eels (ak’vayim). The point of malchus that is concealed in biy”a is what awakens the teshuvah in the souls below.

Hebrew Text

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