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Chapter 8: Atzilus Interface

Long Summary

Question: How do we reconcile between these two dimensions of Atzilus — revealing the concealed and infinitely distant from the divine? Answer: As an interface between existence and transcendence, Atzilus has two dimensions: Amorphous and formless energies (bli mah) that represent the divine and defined and finite containers that represent existence.

The energies are rooted in the kav, the thin ray of light that extended after the tzimtzum (the great concealment), which is rooted in the energy preceding the tzimtzum and retains its transcendent nature. Even though the kav emerged through the tzimtzum, nevertheless the primary purpose of the tzimtzum was to create the containers, which are rooted in the divine finite power and in the reshimu, which conceals its source and allows for the creating of the defined finite containers.

Torah is the interface between the divine and existence, and just like Atzilus, it consists of two dimensions: the inner and outer Torah.

Hebrew Text

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Atzilus, interface, energies and containers.